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Review by James McKay B.Sc. (Hons-Psych), B.A. (Psych), B.Ed.

Paul Rodriguez’s Breathless Sleep…no more isn’t a scientific treatise, but it is a compelling testimonial. His personal battle with sleep apnoea, from CPAP dependence to reclaiming his health through the Buteyko breathing method, makes for a powerful and engaging read.


  • Transformative journey: The book beautifully captures Rodriguez’s personal transformation, from overweight and stressed to lean, relaxed, and free from sleep apnoea. It’s an inspiring example of how focused self improvement can yield dramatic results.
  • Easy to read: Rodriguez’s writing style is direct and relatable, making complex concepts about breathing readily accessible for a general audience.
  • Candour and authenticity: Rodriguez doesn’t shy away from sharing his struggles and shortcomings, adding depth and humanity to his narrative. He presents himself not as a perfect guru, but as someone who found a solution that worked for him and who wants to share it.
  • Science – with a caveat: While not a research paper, the book attempts to ground its claims in scientific evidence by citing studies and cases. While some analyses might lack deeper nuance, there’s nothing blatantly inaccurate presented.
  • Compelling evidence: The inclusion of before-and-after sleep study data adds significant weight to Rodriguez’s claims, showcasing the personal effectiveness of the Buteyko method in his case.
  • Cathartic mission: It’s clear that writing this book was cathartic for Rodriguez. His passion for sharing his experience shines through, providing readers with a genuine and impactful account.
  • Voyeuristic moments: Rodriguez’s candidness occasionally veers into territory that feels a bit intrusive. However this could also be seen as further evidence of his raw honesty and dedication to transparency.
  • Limited scope: Even though this is a personal journey, the book does delve into the Buteyko method in some detail. Should someone wish to take-up this approach, seeking out a qualified teacher would be recommended.


“Breathless Sleep…no more” is a powerful and inspiring read, particularly for those struggling with sleep apnoea or seeking alternative approaches to health and well-being. While not a flawless scientific study, it offers a genuine and hopeful account of one man’s transformation through the Buteyko method.

Amazon Review by Dr. Alan Ruth BSc, MA, Ph.D., MBA

If you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) or you are the spouse/partner of someone who sufferers from OSA, then this book is a must-read. Left untreated, OSA can have life-shortening consequences. Currently, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines are the most common treatment for moderate to severe OSA. However, studies indicate that up to 50% of people who start using CPAP, stop using it. The author of this book was one such person. He couldn’t tolerate CPAP and abandoned it after only 2 months.

His book is an interesting and very honest account of his odyssey with OSA and how he beat it as a result of his serendipitous discovery of a method of breathing retraining (the Buteyko Method). The author’s OSA odyssey was lonely, depressing, and at times frightening but by embracing the Buteyko Method he was able to take control of his OSA and liberate himself from having to be connected to a CPAP machine every night before sleeping.

This book will inspire sleep apnoea sufferers to take control of their condition by normalizing their breathing, and as a result, significantly improve their health and their quality of life. I also recommend this book to health care professionals who are involved in treating patients with OSA.

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