5star-flat-webBreathless Sleep… no more (Original edition)- Book Review, April 2015

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Breathless Sleep… no more: A Compelling Case Study is a Health and Medicine memoir written by Paul Rodriguez. The author was a long-time sufferer of sleep apnea, as had been both of his parents. This disorder made it impossible for him to get restful sleep. He’d be exhausted during the day and would even fall asleep without warning while he drove or performed other waking activities. When he consulted with a doctor, the severity of Rodriguez’s sleep apnea caused the doctor to recommend that he use a CPAP machine to control his breathing. Rodriguez reluctantly tried that machine on a rental basis, but his mind rebelled at the idea of needing mechanically assisted breathing. He consulted with a sleep therapist who instructed him in a breathing technique originally designed to assist asthmatics. The Buteyko method dramatically improved his sleep quality and reduced his apnea episodes.

Paul Rodriguez’s health-related memoir, Breathless Sleep… no more: A Compelling Case Study, is a well-written and fascinating retelling of the author’s successful use of the Buteyko method to control his sleep apnea. His story is told simply and honestly, and the information he provides the reader is easy to understand. While his book was not meant to be an instruction manual for sufferers of sleep apnea, it does give the reader a good sense of what the Buteyko method is, and why it works. Rodriguez includes a number of useful appendices to his work wherein the reader can view graphical proof of the benefits he received from his training, the statistics of his before and after sleep studies, Breathing Charts and end notes. I was quite impressed with the quality of the information shared by the author of Breathless Sleep… no more: A Compelling Case Study.

It’s most highly recommended.