September 22, 2015

Shut Your Mouth…and Save Your life

This is the title to a little known book written in 1870  by George Catlin, sometime lawyer, naturalist and artist. Catlin studied the lifestyle habits of North American, Central and South American Indians whilst living among them. He drew many portraits of them over an 8 year period. He found […]
June 2, 2015
photo of girl breathing with mouth open

Not just teething problems…(by mouth breathing)

As a mouth-breathing child I would look into the mirror and often wonder why my teeth were crooked. The growth line of my teeth did not appear to naturally follow the arch of my gums and the shape of my jaw. They looked overcrowded. They seemed to jostle for space […]
March 15, 2015

How Breathing with Our Diaphragm Can Counter Sleep Apnoea and Anxiety

The diaphragm is a magical muscle. It is here where proper breathing should occur. Air should be taken all the way into our belly so that our lungs can expand and the essential exchange of our respiratory gases can occur. Inhaling air through our nose all the way to our […]
March 1, 2015

Retraining the Brain … of an Animated Goldfish

We all know that we are creatures of habit. Bad habits can be undone by retraining our brain..over time..with patience…and commitment. As an habitual mouth breather I continuously inhaled a large amount of air. For many years I wasn’t conscious of doing so. I believed that my weight gain, poor sleep […]
February 8, 2015

Sleeping with the Enemy

Do you often wake from sleep with a headache? If we exclude being ill and having drunk too much alcohol before going to bed what causes you to wake with a headache? Often lethargy and extreme tiredness may accompany your headache upon waking. Why does this happen? My experience and […]
January 10, 2015

Sleep Studies and How to Improve Your Sleep Now

On 24 November 2014 I suggested that you could adopt 7 measures pretty well immediately if you were experiencing poor sleep on a regular basis. A sleep study occurs when you stay overnight at a sleep clinic. You are fitted with wires to your heart, brain, stomach, legs and fingers […]
January 1, 2015

Now the Sentence and Aftermath of Fatal Accident

Tim Ellis was sentenced on 23 December 2014 by the Hobart Magistrates Court to a 4 month suspended jail sentence and a 2 year ban from driving for his conviction of causing the death of Natalia Pearn through negligent driving. It is understandable that the parents of the deceased woman […]
December 3, 2014

Decision on Appeal by Tasmanian DPP

Tim Ellis has had his appeal dismissed by the Hobart Supreme Court as reported by ABC News. Justice Harper decided that Magistrate Chris Webster was justified in finding Ellis guilty of causing death by negligent driving. Significantly, it was found that there was no evidence to support Ellis’ hypothesis that […]